Ricola Herb Throat Drops, Sugar Free, Lemon Mint, Club Pack

Sugar free. Naturally Effective Relief: For over 80 years, Ricola has been making naturally effective products using the highest quality Swiss herbs for soothing relief of coughs and sore throats. We take great care to protect, nurture and process our herbs and we pay the same attention when it comes to selecting Ricola cultivation areas. Soil conditions and regional climate play a decisive role in helping our herbs to flourish. Ricola also ensures that its cultivation areas are not suited near industrial sites or the road networks to avoid contact with harmful pollutants. Over 100 self-managed farms are under contact to Ricola in the Valais, Emmental, Poschiavo, the Jura Mountains and in Central Switzerland, Ricola agrees to fixed long-term contracts and is a fair and reliable business partner for Ricola herb farmers. It all started with pure dedication to the quality of natural herbs. In 1940, ten years after starting the company Richterich & Co. Laufen, expert baker and entrepreneur. Emil Richterich created the first Ricola herbal drop, using an innovative blend of natural herbs. Today, Ricol is a third-generation family company that exports its products to more than 50 countries around the world. 30 years of Swiss herbal expertise. Herbs - All the Power of Nature: Sage, peppermint, linden flowers - the herbs are as melodious as they are soothing. They flourish in the pristine air of the Swiss mountains, free from pesticides. Once harvested, the herbs are cleaned, chopped and mixed into the secret 10-herb blend in Laufen, Switzerland. The extract from this unique blend forms the basis for Ricola's products. www.ricola.com. For questions or comments, contact: Ricola USA, Inc. (Distributor), 6 Campus Dr. 2nd Floor South, Parsippany, NJ 07054. Product of Switzerland. Other information: Phenylketonurics, contains phenylalanine 1 mg per drop. Excessive use may have a laxative effect. Protect from heat and moisture. Product may be useful for diabetics on the advice of a doctor. Exchange Information: 2 Drops = free exchange. 7 drops = 1 fruit. Dietary exchanges based on exchange lists for diabetes. (c) 2008 American Diabetes Association, American Dietetic Assosication.