Redd's Wicked Black Cherry Ale Beer, 10 fl. oz. Can, 8% ABV

Born from the seed of Redd’s, Wicked is the refreshingly hard ale that is brewed with bold flavor. At 8% ABV, Wicked turns up the dial on real flavor for an intensity that starts strong and finished smooth for ultimate refreshment. Wicked is the perfect pacesetter for starting your night!This flavor has fresh juicy apple notes that are perfectly balanced with just the right amount of sweetness and tartness. Ale, Tailgate, 21st Birthday, New Years Eve, Party, Liquor, Booze, Birthday Party, Beverages, Beer Can, Beach Party, Alcoholic Drinks. Fruity & Flavorful. 8% ABV. Redd's Wicked is a refreshinngly hard ale Fresh juicy black cherry notes perfectly balanced by crisp apple Brewed with bold, natural fruit flavor The perfect pacesetter for starting your night Fruity & Flavorful with 8% ABV