Pepperidge Farm® Tahiti® Coconut Cookies, 6.4 oz. Bag

Rich chocolate layer, delicate coconut cookies. A great escape - Luxuriate in the gentle aroma of Tahiti cookies. A rich layer of chocolate bliss awaits between two golden cookies, infused with the sweetness of coconut. Enjoy a little tropical vacation in every bite. There's a whole world of Pepperidge Farm cookie temptations out there - reward all your senses. The Art of the Cookie by Pepperidge Farm: Begin with a baker's soul. Seek the finest ingredients. Explore nature's infinite variety of flavors and texture - sweet, crunchy, rich - oh, and chocolate. Entertain inspirations. Embrace decadent cravings. Reward yourself. Open - Taste - Delight. Thank you for letting us share our creations with you. Gratification guaranteed. Labels for Education. Baked with no artificial flavors (just one more reason why they're so good). Baked in USA.