Midwest Gasoline Container, 2 Gallon

Model 2300 Spill-Proof System. 2 gallon 8 oz. 7.8 liters. 8 ounces for mixing oil. CARB E.O. No. G-08-045. EPA No. 9MDC2P2AABM1. State of California State Fire Marshal Listing Service. Fuel flow stops automatically. No more spills. For use with spout Model No. 4230. 1 year warranty. www.midwestcan.com. Shriners Hospitals for Children. Gasoline & fire never mix. There is no safe way to start a fire with gasoline. Make sure your children know. Talk to your kids about gas and fire. Share a video of burn survivor Austin Bailiff at StopGasFires.org. I don't care that people stare at my skin. What I hate is how I hurt my family. - Austin Bailiff gasoline burn survivor. Use only part or accessories made by Midwest Can Company with this fuel can. Parts or accessories from other manufacturers could alter the safety of this product. Midwest Can Company disclaims all liability for injuries caused by use of unauthorized part or accessories with this product. 7.8 liters. TSG. Emission Control Information: This container complies with US EPA Emission Regulations for portable fuel containers (40 CFR part 59). The emission warranty is valid for a minimum of one year from date of purchase. Classified to ANSI/ASTM F852-06. Made in USA.