Medically developed mouthwash. Oral perfection. Dentist formulated. High performance care. Certified non-toxic. Oral Perfection: no alcohol; no artificial flavors; no artificial colors/dyes; no synthetic preservatives; no SLS; organic aloe vera; essential oils; non-GMO xylitol; dead sea minerals; non-toxic. Delivering visible long-term oral health benefits without potentially harmful chemicals! Lumineux Hydrating Mouthwash is specifically designed to make your mouth feel moist and fresh. It is perfect for people who have allergies, take daily medication or suffer from short or long-term dry mouth. Lumineux patent pending products are clinically tested to show they work as well as the leading oral care products. Great tasting with superior quality ingredients. www.oralessentials.com. Enamel friendly. Clinically tested. Remineralizing sea salt. BPA Free: non-toxic plastic; no bisphenol. no phthalates. Try Our Other Products: Lumineux Toothpaste; Lumineux Kids Toothpaste; Lumineux Whitening Strips. www.oralessentials.com. Follow Us: (at)oral_essentials. Made in USA.