Lumineux Mouthwash, Whitening

Medically developed mouthwash. Oral perfection. Whitens without sensitivity (Independent Lab, Study on File. Result may vary) enamel safe. Neutralizes harmful bacterial toxins. 7 (Up to 7 shade whiter) shades whiter. Certified non-toxic. Oral Perfection: Dentist Formulated for: no peroxide; no artificial flavors; no artificial colors/dyes; no alcohol; no SLS; non-toxic; sensitive teeth; gum recession; coffee stains; tea stains; wine stains; tartar control. Delivering visible long-term oral health benefits without potentially harmful chemicals! Lumineux patented whitening products are clinically proven to whiten teeth as well as the leading brands, without peroxide! Great tasting with superior quality ingredients. Enamel friendly. Promotes tooth & gum health. Made Safe: Made with safe ingredients. Brighten: rapid; safe; effective. VegeCert: Certified Vegan. Clinically proven. Remineralizing sea salt. BPA Free: non-toxic plastic; no bisphenol. no phthalates. Try Our Other Products: Lumineux Toothpaste; Lumineux Kids Toothpaste; Lumineux Whitening Strips. Follow Us: (at)oral_essentials. To learn more about Lumineux. Made in USA.