McCormick Hot Mexican Chili Powder, 2.5 oz

If you prefer your chili to be spicy and flavorful, McCormick Hot Mexican-Style Chili Powder is the seasoning to reach for. Our robust blend of chili peppers, spices and herbs adds zesty heat to Mexican and Southwestern dishes. We begin with a blend of whole, ripe chili peppers which are toasted, ground and mixed with garlic, salt, cumin and oregano. For homemade chili – add 1 to 2 tablespoons for each pound of meat. Starting with this spicy, flavorful base, you can customize the chili with your own special additions. Our chili powder is a convenient way to add zesty heat to Mexican, Southwestern and Tex-Mex dishes like enchiladas, tacos, tamale pie, nachos and guacamole. Use also to season wings, burgers, corn, cornbread, beans and Spanish rice.