Honest Tea, Just Green, Unsweetened

USDA organic. Fair trade certified tea. Real tea. Real taste. Honest. Tea has been the world's second most popular beverage since long before chemical additives were invented, and who are we to argue with thousands of years' history? In, this bottle, you'll taste just organic green tea, with its pure flavor and antioxidant power. And our larger size will allow you to get four times the goodness in each bottle. Our tea is also just in the sense of fair, as in fair trade certified. Great tasting tea that's produced in a sustainable, socially responsible manner. Why add anything else? Honestly yours, Seth & Barry. PS: Water is still the most popular drink around the world, but at Honest Tea we're working hard to close the gap. About 1/4 the caffeine of coffee (24.3 mg per serving). Gluten free. No GMO's. Certified organic by Pennsylvania Certified Organic.