Camerons Coffee, Handcrafted, Whole Beans, French Roast, Decaf

Specialty coffee. Premium. From Coffee Beans to Coffee Greatness: Our certified specialty grade arabica beans travel from around the world and arrive at Cameron's ready to be transformed into great coffee. It's our job to see that each and every bean reaches its full potential. Our beans are roasted in European-style drums, then run through strenuous tests by our Q grader and cupper (coffee pros who sip a lot of coffee). We're proud of every single bean within this bag, for they have truly gone the extra mile to become the coffee you're about to enjoy. Gluten free. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Our calling. Your coffee. Some people love running; some are driven to save lives; others are obsessed with making statues out of pasta. Our passion is making fantastic coffee. It's what we were meant to do, and we have a lot of fun doing it. Hopefully, our coffee inspires you to go out and do what you are most passionate about. After all, everyone has a calling, ours just happens to be coffee.