Oat-Ly Oat-Milk, Barista Edition

No gluten. 100% vegan. Certified Vegan. vegan.org. Certified Gluten-Free. No dairy. No nuts. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. The original. We have been making oatmilk for more than 30 years. It was something our scientists developed in their search for the optimal way to combine nutritional value with sustainability, without using animals as a source. We got laughed at for thinking differently, but over the years people have realized may we were on to something, maybe oats actually are the future and now a quarry of century later, even the dairy companies are starting to understand that they dont need cows to make a milk - which has led them to start making their own oatmilk. What do we think about this? Can you see our hands clapping? Finally, milk dudes, what took you so long? Following our lead, even if it took one fourth of an entire century, has to be the finest form of flattery there is. Thanks, and good luck with your oatmilk! Wow no cow! I love my products. Straight from the lips of our CEO, Toni Petersson. How dorky is that? Of course you love your products. Mr. Petersson. You are the CEO of Oatly, you get paid to say stuff like that. Why wouldnt you love your products? While it is not easy, I would like to attempt to explain this rather obvious to explain this rather obvious and corny comment. What Mr. Peterson is really trying to say is that he is proud to be working at a company that aspires to upgrade peoples lives while preserving the planet for generations to come. He just doesnt have to be so obvious. Its like hes trying to sell you something. The boring (but very important) side. www.oatly.com. TetraPak: Protects what's good. Please recycle.