King Arthur Flour All-Purpose Flour Unbleached

King Arthur Flour All-Purpose Flour Unbleached. Baking with joy since 1790. Milled from select 100% American wheat. A versatile premium flour for better results in all your baking. Net wt 10 lbs (4.54 kg). Try it once. Trust it always. We’re America’s oldest flour company, made up of passionate bakers committed to spreading the joy of baking. That’s why we take such care with our flour. Never bleached and bromated, our flour is the professional’s choice and the home baker’s trusted partner, prized for its consistent quality. As essential as good flour is to good results, for us, it’s still only the beginning. We offer help of all kinds, to ensure the success of bakers everywhere. 100% Employee Owned: King Arthur Flour is a 100-percent employee-owned company of passionate bakers, committed to the highest quality and the greater good. Choose the right flour: All-Purpose, Bread, Whole Wheat, White Whole Wheat, Self-Rising, or Cake Flour - For every kind of baking, trust King Arthur quality. Never bleached, never bromated.® No preservatives. Sourced Non-GMO. Wheat is a Non-GMO product. Learn more at B Corporation Certified. Find more tried-and-truly-good recipes using our premium All-Purpose Flour at “King Arthur Flour,” the King Arthur logo and “Never bleached, never bromated” are registered trademarks of The King Arthur Flour Company, Inc. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We’re here to help. Baker’s Hotline: Call or chat online with our friendly, Experienced bakers. 855.371.BAKE(2253). Baker’s Store: Discover our wide array of quality ingredients, kitchen tools, and more.