King Arthur Baking Baking Sugar Alternative, Zero Aftertaste

0 net carbs (2 g total carbs - 1 g dietary fiber - 1 g erythritol = 0 g net carbs). 0 calories per serving. Keto-friendly. 100% employee-owned. 1-to-1 substitute for granulated sugar. Made by bakers for bakers. Estd 1790. New! Perfect for a cup of coffee, cookies, cakes, and frosting. We believe in a joyful baking experience for everyone. Our Baking Sugar Alternative lets you enjoy your favorite recipes easily, whether you're lowering your carbs or calories, or simply looking to reduce your sugar intake. The Zero Aftertaste Sugar Alternative: Created by bakers for bakers. We carefully selected (and taste-tested!) our ingredients to create the balanced sweetness you'd expect from sugar, without the aftertaste. Makes the perfect baked good, cup of coffee, or sweet tea, all with zero calories and zero net carbs per serving. Perfectly Blended Ingredients: We found superior sources for each of our key ingredients - like monkfruit extract, stevia leaf extract, erythritol, and fructan fiber-and carefully blended them together until we made the perfect pantry staple that gives you amazingly delicious results. This is food you can feel good about! Find more baking tips and recipes at Baker's Hotline: We're here to help. Call or chat online with our friendly, experienced bakers. 855.371.Bake (2253). Certified B Corporation: We're committed to using the power of business as a force for social and environmental good. Recyclable.