Sweet Earth Ham, Harmless

Harmless ham (Plant-based deli slices). Smoky, savory with a hint of maple. With notes of smoked paprika, white pepper, garlic & cloves. Full flavor. 14 grams of protein per serving. Vegan. 0 mg cholesterol. A cholesterol free food. 50% less sodium than ham slices (One 55 g serving of Ham contains 709 mg (USDA Food Data Central) compared to Harmless Ham which contains 300 mg sodium in one serving). Plant based. Oh, yea! Ingredients Matter: Onion; Paprika; Garlic; Cloves; Sea Salt. Pre-cooked and pre-seasoned. Plant-Based Deli Slices: Reaquaint yourself with the art of making piled-high sandwiches and delicious, decadent deli wraps! Harmless Ham is handcrafted from flavor forward ingredients, modern protein and savory herbs & spices - good for you, good for the planet. Earth's delicious and nutritious plant-based protein. Perfect for: Piled-high sandwiches, skillet-heated with eggs or tofu, folded in omelettes, tailgates and party platters. Enjoy! Righteous meats are always plant-based, sustainable, cholesterol free, nitrate free, antibiotic free and of course cruelty free. Enlighten up, man, you're now creating a more sustainable planet! how2recycle.info. Follow the fun fb.com/sweetearthfoods. Check out more of out plant-based foods! Hickory & Sage Benevolent Bacon. Awesome Grounds.