Alexs Awesome Sourdough Pizza, Artisan, Organic, Mozzarella

USDA Organic. Certified Organic by A Bee Organic. No added sugar. No soy or canola oil. Non GMO Project verified. Wholesome sourdough crust. Feel the sourdough difference! It's organic! And delicious! Heirloom sourdough culture. Thoughtfully sourced. Mozzarella with organic sourdough crust. Alex's Awesome Sourdough celebrates the traditional art of baking. Crafted with just flour, water and wild cultures, sourdough is a living thing. When these natural cultures go to work during fermentation, we benefit from a deliciously sour and wholesome crust. More importantly, many find our sourdough easier to digest. Our baking team is thrilled to provide you a pizza to feel good about! Thoughtfully Sourced Ingredients: Slow Fermented Sourdough: With freshly milled flour by Central Milling Organics, family-operated for over 150 years. Organic Plum Tomatoes: Packed within hours of harvest by Dinapoli in California. Cheese From Grass-Fed Cow: With year-round access to pasture courtesy of the Rumiano family. Sonoma Sea Salt: Naturally filtered into salt ponds along the rocky coast of Northern California. No commercial yeast. Learn more on the health benefits of sourdough and our company mission at Please recycle.