Blue Bunny® Sweet Freedom® Mini Cones® Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream Cones 6 ct Box

Vanilla flavored low fat ice cream in a cone dipped in chocolate flavored coating and topped with peanuts and cone pieces. Artificial flavors added. 0 g added sugar per serving. See nutritional information for calorie and sugar content. Low fat ice cream. See nutrition information for saturated fat content. Not a low fat food. Grab life by the cone. They taste even bigger in person. Any time is ice cream time. Feed your fun side. Sweet freedom. Creamy vanilla goodness. Crunchy sugar cone. Extra nutty topping. Dipped in deliciousness. Bonus chocolaty bite. Years & years with bunny ears. Wells since 1913. To be sold by carton only. Contents are not marked for individual sale. Live in the moment. Because in a moment, therell be ice cream. Pull slowly. Drumroll optional. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Visit us at Like these? Discover more fun and flavorful varieties from Blue Bunny. After all, it's ice cream o'clock somewhere. Blue Bunny Sandwiches. Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Bars, Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Vanilla krunch. Recyclable.