Damprid Moisture Absorber, Drop-In Tab, Refillable, Fresh Scent

Drop-in tab. 1 starter tab included. Attracts & traps excess moisture. Eliminates musty odors. Long-lasting fragrance. Spill-resistant design. Attracts & traps excess moisture. Eliminates musty odors. Creates fresher, cleaner air. Excess moisture occurs from the weather, taking a shower or bath, washing or cooking. When excess moisture inside your home gets above 60%, it can make your home uncomfortable. Excess humidity makes the air feel wet, clothing feels damp, condensation builds up on walls and windows, wood swells, doors stick, and it will feel hotter. DampRid Moisture Absorber with Drop-In Tab is designed to eliminate excess moisture, prevent musty odors and make your home feel more comfortable. Damprid never dries the air to a level that damages plants, furniture or household goods. Damprid drop-in tabs last up to 60 days (Depending on temperature and conditions). Attracts moisture from all angles. Latch lifts easily to load in tab. Empties easily through the spout. Refill line tells you when to refill. Lower chamber traps moisture in. Pre-measured tab is easy to load with no mess. Calcium chloride & fragrance. www.damprid.com. www.barringredients.com. Questions? Comments? 1-888-DampRid (326-7743) in USA only from 8 am to 4:30 pm CT Monday through Friday or online at ww.damprid.com. for more information visit: www.barringredients.com or call 1-88-326-7743. Made in China.