Cereal Toppers Real Bananas & Strawberries

100% Natural! No refrigeration needed. Conveniently pre-sliced. A healthy snack! Top-Off: cereals; salads; smoothies; desserts; yogurt. Cereal Toppers fruit are 100% natural, and contain no preservatives. The fruit we use is picked fresh and then freeze dried. Freeze drying allows you to savor the taste of fresh fruit without preparation or refrigeration. Like magic, when re-hydrated with milk or water, the fruit returns to a natural, juicy state. Cereal Toppers are healthy and nutritious, and can be added to your favorite cereal, smoothie, yogurt, dessert or salad. And, in a convenient resealable bag, Cereal Toppers are a tasty, irresistible snack everyone in the family will enjoy. Contains no sulfates or preservatives.