Cape Cod Potato Chip Sea Salt/pe

All natural. No preservatives. In the late 18th century, clipper ships from Nantucket were plying the world's oceans to trade exotic goods and spices in faraway ports. Today our ships are used for pleasure, but the spices that we found are still a part of our life, and now part of a great potato chip. In honor of our unique heritage, we've taken a special blend of cracked pepper and delicate white pepper, combined with natural sea salt and other subtle seasonings, to make our Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Potato Chips. The result is a pepper-based blend of spices that is the ideal complement to our delicious kettle-cooked chips. As always, at Cape Cod Potato Chips we stay true to our New England roots - making delicious kettle-cooked potato chips from only the finest ingredients. With our Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper we promise you've bought a bag of chips with the real personality and flavor of New England. Enjoy! - Everyone at Cape Cod Potato Chips. Kettle-cooked in 100% pure canola oil. At Cape Cod Potato Chips, we use only the best ingredients in making our kettle chips. That's why we insist on cooking in 100% canola oil, which has the lowest saturated fat content of all commercially used vegetable oils. Canola oil is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and is rich in vitamin E. Cooking in canola oil allows the delicious natural flavor of our potatoes to come through. We think you'll agree! Made in the USA.