Border Biscuits, Viennese Whirls

Per Biscuit (17.5 g): 355kJ energy (85 kcal). Per 100 g: 2094kJ/501kcal. Each biscuit (17.5 g) contains. 355kJ energy (85 kcal); 4.9 g fat (7%); 1.7 g saturates (9%); 4.9 g sugars (5%); 0.1 g salt (2%) of an adult's reference intake. Typical values per 100 g: Energy 2094kJ/501 kcal. Suitable for vegetarians. Light & chocolatey. Beautifully crafted biscuits. Heavenly swirls. Chocolatey swirls of baked lovelinesss. Beautifully Crafted Biscuits: Biscuits. One of life's little pleasures - and our greatest passion. We believe biscuits should be nothing short of exceptional and we're proud to make ours just that. The best ingredients good old-fashioned mixing methods and each one baked under the watchful gaze of our Biscuitiers. So you know when you open the pack, there's craft, creativity and care in every crumb. John Cunningham. Owner & Founder. We are happy to declare that the palm oil contained within the ingredients we use is certified as sustainable. We Love to Hear from You: Contact our Biscuiters on hello(at) or write to Border Biscuits Ltd, South Faulds Road, Lanark ML11 7SR. Please recycle the card. Baked in the UK.