Block Head Whiskey, Popcorn Peanut Caramel 750 ml

The original. Snacking flavored whiskey. A flavored whiskey for those in-between meals or an in-between moment. Between now and then or simply between friends. Any way you want it, we've got you covered. A Block-head Everyone knows a Block-head. They're disruptors. The 1+1 = 3 ers. This is for you and those who say you're a Block-head. This is caramel popcorn without sticky fingers. A shot worth taking. Block Head far from usual. Story: Only a true Block Head would actually think that maybe they could make a beloved snack into an awesome drink. Block heads have been here forever. They're disrupters. The 1+1=3 ers. Sometimes laughable, but most often lovable, they're free-thinkers that make life memorable. Block Head delivers great taste with almost 40% less sugar than our competitors. Consumers looking for more spirit in their spirits will love block head with a 37% ABV. Perfectly balanced with real cane sugar and a hint of salt to make this whiskey smooth and easy-to-drink. No preservatives added and made with all-natural flavors. Crafted with allergen-free flavors. Available in 750 ml and 50 ml. Tasting Notes: Natural flavors of sweet caramel and savory popcorn are married with oaky and sweet flavors of all American whiskey. Additional notes of butter, roasted peanuts, and vanilla. Technical specs ABV: 37%/74 proof; sugar: 4 g/oz; calories: 79/oz; natural flavors; no preservatives.