Bear Creek Country Kitchens® Cheddar Broccoli Rice Mix 10.8 oz.

Hearty rice and pasta and broccoli in a smooth cheese sauce. Just add water. 4 one cup servings. Great taste! Cook in 10 minutes. High in the Heber Valley of the Wasatch Mountains, Bear Creek Country Kitchens began with one goal in mind: Deliver great hearty homestyle dishes that the whole family will enjoy. Using the same quality ingredients that you find in our soups and pasta mixes, Bear Creek now presents delicious rice dishes with hearty rice, quality cheeses and tasty vegetables, all in rich and flavorful sauces. Just add water and in minutes you can serve a delicious rice dish that will satisfy every appetite in your family. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Questions/Comments? (800) 813-3654. Visit us online at This Bear Creek rice dish is perfect for the cheese lovers in your family. A delightful blend of hearty rice, tasty pasta and delicately chopped broccoli served up in a rich, creamy cheddar sauce. Try serving with glazed pork chops and a fresh garden salad. Yields about 4 one-cup servings.; Bear Creek offers a line of savory pasta dishes, using only authentic quality pastas, naturally-aged cheeses, tasty vegetables and our own unique spice blends. Just add water and within minutes you’ve got the heartiest, creamiest pasta dishes. With several delicious varieties to choose from, they are sure to satisfy every appetite in your family. With each tasty bite of our hearty rice dishes, you’ll discover that they’re made with the same care and the same quality ingredients that go into our soups and pastas. Easy to make, they are the perfect complement to any family meal. And now the rich tradition of Bear Creek continues with our new line of creamy, delicious macaroni & cheese dishes. The kitchens of Bear Creek are always cooking up family pleasing dishes. Like our savory pasta sides. Just add water and in minutes you have a dish that's hearty and creamy. With 7 delicious varieties to choose from, the only problem will be deciding which is your favorite.