Ancient Harvest Penne, Veggie

Gluten free vegetable pasta. Penne with green lentils, kale, spinach and cauliflower. Certified Gluten-free. Grain free. Non GMO Project Verified. Full serving of veggie (per 2 oz serving). Since 1983. Gluten Free Vegetable Penne: End the battle between nutritious and delicious with pasta that contains an entire serving of vegetables. Tastes good and is good for you? Turns out, the opposite of impossible is pasta bowl. Modern food from ancient fields. In our kitchen, ancient never gets old. Our product take time-tested, plant-based, nutrient-dense ingredients and turn them into delicious, real foods that are ready for real life. How's that for teaching ancient foods new tricks? Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. (at)ancientharvest. For recipes and more, visit